Effective Writing that's Unmistakably YOU

The Invisible Thread that Runs Through Every Great Piece of Content
to Create an Unforgettable Reader (and Buyer) Experience

Voice is one of the most talked about yet most elusive parts of effective writing. Mastering voice instantly transforms your content from "another site about X" to the first site your audience thinks of.

I'll uncover the secrets to the most effective and memorable writers and how you can find and hone your own unique, unmistakeable voice. 

Once you've discovered and mastered your voice, I'll show you my system to train freelance writers how to do the same. You can get authentic, effective outsourced writing so you can focus on your business.

In This Free Book, You'll Learn:

  • Why finding your voice is critical to every part of your business -- not just blog posts
  • The 3 critical elements that make up voice -- and how they work together in every post you read
  • The 7 Primary Types of Voice you see in writing and how to identify and master yours
  • How to learn someone else's voice (and why you want to)
  • One decades-old strategy to shortcut the voice learning curve (that almost nobody online uses)
  • 5 powerful (and free) online tools to discover your voice

PLUS real examples, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, and a free voice evaluation!

Stand Out from the Noise of Your Industry in 5 Simple Steps
 Get instant access to a free digital version of What They Hear When You Write, including the worksheets and free writing tools. You'll start creating unforgettable content that mesmerizes your market in a way that's authentically, unmistakably YOU.
Who this book is for:
1. Experts that want to communicate in an authentic, unique way.
2. Soloprenuers or small businesses that want to outsource some writing but are afraid it will sound inauthentic.
3. Writers who want to serve their clients better and get more repeat business.